About Us

Substance was born in 2008 and was created with a goal of providing a shopping experience which would cater to a woman’s senses.

Shopping at Substance is a visual, olfactory, and tactile experience; above all, it is uncomplicated in execution, carrying clothing that is chic and effortless at the same time, which suits a variety of different women in their individual lifestyles.  Substance is a reflection of its very surroundings: the magnificent Northern New Mexico town of Taos. There is the art, the people, the sense of individuality, and the incredible women. There is the awe-inspiring landscape, the vivid colors, and the resounding energy that comes from our beloved town, inhabiting not only the people that live here but also imbibing their very sense of style.  Our buyers select special pieces for their texture, detail, function and structure to accentuate a woman’s style, and make every effort to choose clothing, accessories, and jewelry that will translate into your existing wardrobe.

Women who shop at Substance, both in Taos and online, seek what is different, unique, and special. They want the stuff you don’t find in department stores, choosing to forge their own “fashion path” in selecting garments made of rich fabrics and in sophisticated silhouettes, accessories that are offbeat and interesting, and craving a shopping experience that is a journey in and off itself.

Substance is known for its very personalized customer experience set in a fun, relaxed, beautiful environment. Our stylists love to “play dress up” with our customers; whether you need a great pair of jeans, a dress for an event, or a complete wardrobe update, we want to help style you in a friendly, fun, and stress-free way.

Most of our customers know that Substance’s strength lies in creating relationships with our customers, who are themselves women of substance.